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Multivitamins? Minerals? Micronutrients? Do you need Multivitamins? Best Multivitamins?


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Vitamins and Minerals

Your goal with a Supplement is to protect against any Gaps in your diet --provide insurance.  At high levels vitamins can even be thought of as natural therapeutic agents.  Ideally you would get every vitamin and mineral from fruits and vegetables in your diet.  Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins with enzymes and minerals in their most bioavailable form- chelated.  Some vitamins like vitamin E are very hard to get in a healthy diet.  

Many diets are high in protein which can cause a loss of calcium.  Visit Best Protein for outbound links to the most researched and recommended supplemental protein if you are in need of supplemental protein.  Calcium is best in the Citrate form.  Broccoli and Collards are high in calcium.  Magnesium works in balance with Calcium.  Calcium is constipating and Magnesium is a laxative so a 2:1 (2Ca:1Mg) ratio is recommended respectively.  

Supplemental Iron can be dangerous as Iron is a strong oxidizing agent that can promote heart disease and cancer.  Vitamin C improves Iron absorption.

Water Soluble and Fat Soluble Vitamins.

Vitamin D3 is big in the news lately.  I will cover its benefits in another post but, suffice to say, it is hot right now-- especially with regards to Osteoporosis.  Vitamin A, D, E, and K are Fat Soluble and are suggested to bioaccumulate and possibly cause toxicity.  It seems that the body is well equipped to handle high doses and toxicity is seemingly rare.

A more notable reason to understand Fat Soluble vitamins is to ensure the supplement is taken with FATS to ensure absorption.  An often overlooked fact of fat soluble vitamins.  I usually take with Fish and Krill Oil Supplements.


Fiber has been declining in society as processed foods have risen.  Fiber is needed for proper elimination and to buffer carbohydrate effects on blood sugar.  Oat bran is a soluble fiber and wheat bran is an insoluble fiber.  Oat bran has been shown to trap cholesterol blocking some resorption hence the many claims on your Cheerio box.  Fiber is most notable at slowing carbohydrate conversion to blood sugar easing work on the pancreas and eases insulin resistance- hence easing onset diabetes.  Berries provide a great source of fiber.  Always use organic.


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