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Chris Podolsky has been involved in health and wellness for over 20 years.  Chris founded Wyatt Rehabilitation, a specialty physical therapy practice, with his wife Tracey Podolsky MPT, CLT-LANA in 2005.  Wyatt is the Premier Rehab destination for those with: Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema (BCRL) also called Breast Lymphedema- which usually results in arm swelling. Wyatt also Treats Leg Swelling, Leg Lymphedema, Venous Ulcers/ Venous Insufficiency, and other associated conditions.  Chris has worked at Orthopedic medical device companies for 5 years in direct patient care.  Chris has been involved extensively in nutrition over the past 20 years and attended UMDNJ Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences after an Honors Pre-Medical Curriculum.  

For those asking: "what is physical therapy?", "what is lymphedema?", "what is BCRL?", and those asking nutrition questions, we hope we can help with our blog posts.

For four straight years, Wyatt Rehabilitation and Mythic Health have Sponsored The Peapod Purse Lymphedema Awareness Walk - founded in 2012 through the Wyatt Rehabilitation Peapod Purse Support Group.  This non-profit walks annually to help patients directly receive care for Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema (BCRL) and other related Lymphatic disorders...

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Our founder has been involved in nutrition, health, wellness, and rehabilitation for over 20 years and his wife's Physical Therapists are world leaders in Lymphedema Treatment.