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Multivitamins? Minerals? Micronutrients? Do you need Multivitamins? Best Multivitamins?


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Vitamins and Minerals

Your goal with a Supplement is to protect against any Gaps in your diet --provide insurance.  At high levels vitamins can even be thought of as natural therapeutic agents.  Ideally you would get every vitamin and mineral from fruits and vegetables in your diet.  Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins with enzymes and minerals in their most bioavailable form- chelated.  Some vitamins like vitamin E are very hard to get in a healthy diet.  

Many diets are high in protein which can cause a loss of calcium.  Visit Best Protein for outbound links to the most researched and recommended supplemental protein if you are in need of supplemental protein.  Calcium is best in the Citrate form.  Broccoli and Collards are high in calcium.  Magnesium works in balance with Calcium.  Calcium is constipating and Magnesium is a laxative so a 2:1 (2Ca:1Mg) ratio is recommended respectively.  

Supplemental Iron can be dangerous as Iron is a strong oxidizing agent that can promote heart disease and cancer.  Vitamin C improves Iron absorption.

Water Soluble and Fat Soluble Vitamins.

Vitamin D3 is big in the news lately.  I will cover its benefits in another post but, suffice to say, it is hot right now-- especially with regards to Osteoporosis.  Vitamin A, D, E, and K are Fat Soluble and are suggested to bioaccumulate and possibly cause toxicity.  It seems that the body is well equipped to handle high doses and toxicity is seemingly rare.

A more notable reason to understand Fat Soluble vitamins is to ensure the supplement is taken with FATS to ensure absorption.  An often overlooked fact of fat soluble vitamins.  I usually take with Fish and Krill Oil Supplements.


Fiber has been declining in society as processed foods have risen.  Fiber is needed for proper elimination and to buffer carbohydrate effects on blood sugar.  Oat bran is a soluble fiber and wheat bran is an insoluble fiber.  Oat bran has been shown to trap cholesterol blocking some resorption hence the many claims on your Cheerio box.  Fiber is most notable at slowing carbohydrate conversion to blood sugar easing work on the pancreas and eases insulin resistance- hence easing onset diabetes.  Berries provide a great source of fiber.  Always use organic.


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Are You a Sitting Duck Due to That Cluck? Antibiotics are Slowly Making Themselves Extinct-- And Possibly The Human Race in the Process....

Antibiotic Resistance

For years I have preached of antibiotic resistance.  MRSA was one of the first red flags.  Many in healthcare take resistance seriously but not all.  As a matter of fact, I would say medical practitioners as a whole who have the greatest understanding of this, struggle the most-- perhaps because of their familiarity and camaraderie with these tools.  Perhaps they do not realize the long.........reach they have when they write their RX.  MDs are a small piece of the pie though as 80% of antibiotics are given to animals.

When I took Bacteriology in college, I soon realized that microbes were not to be taken lightly.  Their ability to reproduce rapidly leads to the uncanny ability to mutate rapidly also--simply by accident.

Why does this matter?  Antibiotic resistance...  Germs can adapt very fast.  Grossly faster than us....   Simply due to the nature of their reproduction.  Imagine if we had to wait to see if other generations of humans would develop immunity?  We would we waiting a long time.  Our great grandkids could discuss it at our homily.  Bacteria find this out in an instant-- reproducing rapidly.  In 10 minutes a colony can double.  Now add to that that there are 40MM germs in a gram of dirt and you can see why I am concerned.  We throw an antibiotic at a germ, it mutates develops resistance, and continues its assault on us. (1)  

So Why do I Care?

Pretty simple really.  Fast-forward 20-30 years.  You or your loved ones are dying in a hospital from something as simple as strep throat.  The bacteria win the fight against you and neither you nor your doctor has an arrow in their quiver to launch at the germ because big pharma has not kept up with the germs.  They actually couldn't if they wanted to.  Now add to that that they don't want to.  Instead, big pharma spends their dollars on erections.  Little is allotted to this field because it is not profitable.  I can't say that I blame the managers there.  Their goal is profit and to raise stock prices right?  Why invest in a drug that the bacteria can figure out in 10 minutes and that your local grocery store gives away?  A failure of Capitalism I suppose?  A missed opportunity?  Not enough incentive?  Take your pick...

Still Not Scared?  "Replicon Activate!"

Well, "that will never happen to me"...   Hmmm.  Let me tell you about a plasmid (dna piece).  A cute little replicon that sounds like something out of a Transformer movie.  It's a cute little trick mother nature gave bacteria to pass their "antibiotic-resistant torch" on their death bed to ensure their kin still have a whack at you.  So now their bacterial friends in the room don't even have to wait 10 minutes to see if they won the lottery on defeating you.  A plasmid passively wafts their way carrying the code to take you down...

What Are We Waiting For?

I guess it is easy to cry ignorance for awhile, much like when you missed the recycling container and ignored the repercussions.  Unfortunately, far too many are playing this game and soon it will be check mate.  We rely on government and apparently government has blinders on.  In a John Hopkins and Arizona State study in 2012, Fluoroquinolone signatures were found in hen feed.  You know of Fluoroquinolone because they are Cipro and other antibiotics in the same family.  You know, the broad-spectrum antibiotics we rely on for emergencies.  Yet it seems they were given to chickens likely in the name of a chicken sale.  BTW, these were outlawed by the FDA in 2005 for this use.  So the FDA is allowing the industry to regulate itself according to FDA guidance documents.  As you can see, this is failing. 

What Do I Do???

  1. First, avoid antibiotics until necessary.  So often we jump on antibiotics for something viral like the common cold or flu.  These are viruses, antibiotics are designed very specifically for bacteria.  Err on the side of disuse over excessive use.
  2. Buy Organics!  Buying Organics shows industry that we are not going to stand for antibiotics or other tinkering like preservatives in our food to prolong shelf life.  Preservatives themselves are probably the greatest uncontrolled experiment in history.
  3. In your mind you should be thinking Soap, Alcohol, pH, Acids, and other Bactericidal elements to use that actually do not promote resistance to attacking germs.  In general they also do not lead to disinfection by-products.  Chlorine is great at killing just about anything but it often leaves behind chlorine disinfection by products that may be hazardous themselves.  Chlorine is extremely electronegative and the strongest oxidizing agent so I like to stay away from it for every-day jobs.  When you see "antibacterial", run away.  That means it kills some germs while allowing many to survive and possibly develop resistance.  The best Organic approach is to use essential oils and soaps when possible to minimize disinfection by products and discourage bacteria from evolving to overtake us- just kill them.  Think Bactericidal not Bacteriostatic.  You will find that in a bacteriology laboratory "alcohol" is used to clean the workbenches.
  4. You will frequently find me squeezing fresh lemons on my table at Panera and wiping it down.  I suspect the dirty rag they wipe the table with very likely is covered in colonies of germs.  Lemon juice is highly acidic and will kill most bacteria.
  5. Washing hands is grand of course.  But be much more conscious and incredibly defensive of when and how often.  You may think these germs are accidentally "crashing into you" only through non-organic meats but how about a paper cut?  Why not hitching a ride while just shaking hands?  It is happening.  HGT, aka Horizontal Gene Transfer via those Plasmid guys I mentioned is leading to Antibiotic Resistance on a massive scale and may soon return us to the days where we have no antibiotics to use-- a time when strep throat killed. (3)  

In a nutshell, if you want to save mankind, stop abusing antibiotics and antibiotic-like products that are making germs stronger--e.g., antibacterials.  Triclosan is a good example.  It has been put in so so many things....  Germs are developing resistance to elements of its structure and that just may be conferring lockstep co-resistance to very important drugs in fighting germs-- then those become ineffectual. (4)



Smarter Kids? Better Memory? Omega 3 Fish Oil, Krill Oil, DHA, and IQ. What you Should Know...


Since I was an undergraduate in college, Omega 3 terminology has been tossed around quite a bit.  Healthy fats?  What is not to love?  Oh, except it taste like fish, lol...   I soon found myself gulping down fairly foul-smelling fish-oil supplements for I had heard of their mythic health powers.  After all, they are fish...  But, which type of Omega exactly? Omega 3, 6, 9?  How much of each and where from?  And what for?  What was the benefit?

Well, with a brain that is approx. 60 percent fat, it makes sense that fat could "feed" fat. As we have evolved from the sea, in many ways, it makes sense that therein lies our best "catch".  DHA, or "docosahexaenoic acid", is that sweet Omega 3 that seems to have been a major contributor of brain growth.  It is found in large amounts in Krill Oil and Salmon.  Seafood in general seems to tout the highest amounts of Omega 3 DHA. While nuts seem to have very rich ALA Omega 3 and Omega 6 content.  "Flax seeds" and "Chia seeds" are popular these days.  These plant based fats, much like nuts, are predominately ALA Omega 3.  

The sea is where it is at though for brain power and growth.  It makes sense because most brain growth is occurring during the first years of life.  And what is high in DHA that babies love?  Mommie's milk.  Nature Selects, and Nature Knows.... 2  Hmmm.  This all sounds great but "Paleo Diet" says I should eat lots of juicy red meat? Well, in 2005 a Professor and Researcher from the University of Toronto called the Paleo Diet into question long before it took off.  What he suggested makes perfect sense.  Essentially there is little iodine in Eating Animal Meat but Loads in Seafood. Lacking iodine and DHA, we would likely develop mental illness and puny brains.  

So I think the take away here is that all of us need to be very conscious of what we are talking about when we are looking for Omega 3s.  Many reach for their nuts thinking that they are getting DHA from them-- but they get little.  They do end up with large amounts of ALA Omega 3 and also an Omega 6 to Omega 3 imbalance that some have suggested may be a cause for concern.  There are implications that this imbalance leads to an inflammatory state and possibly a bi-polar state.  I eat and support nuts-- by all means.  But understand that the Omega 3s in nuts are largely ALA and the conversion of ALA down to precious DHA is only about 5%.  ALA is a great Omega 3 but our brains are dominated by DHA and evolution supports DHA as its fat fave.  2, 3 

So Paleo has some merits with its grain and GMO gluten banishment-- but be careful. The proper Omega 3 balance may be more like "The Mediterranean Diet".  Get your DHA.  It is how we evolved to have the brains we have.  Guess what..?   It comes in seafood, not red meat.  As a matter of fact, fish fat increases cognitive function while red meat fat increases cognitive impairment.  Can you say "Stop ADHD"?  Our pre-historic brethren would eat a one-to-one ratio of Omega 3s to Omega 6s.  Modern America, now eats about 50 Omega 6s to each Omega 3.  Sound right to you?  This is "pro-inflammatory" making us also more prone to heart disease, joint arthritis, perhaps even depression and other mental illness.  4

Want kids with higher IQs? 

Want to fight off ADHD, attention deficit disorder in kids? 5, 6 

Want Better Brain Building? 

Want to ward off Alzheimers and other Mental illness including Memory Decline?  2

Omega 3s and DHA !!!!   Fish Oil (Wild Alaskan Salmon) and Krill Oil are King...